Saturday, February 07, 2015

Saturday Politics extra - SNP meet-up on Nairn High Street - picture

This observer was on the way up to Station Park to see the Wee County take on Inverurie in the Highland League Cup (4-2 fantastic result for Nairn) and paused to take a picture of Drew Hendry, the SNP candidate for the Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey constituency in the General Election that takes place on May 8th,  and his fellow activists  gathering prior to a canvassing session.


Anonymous said...

Hooray vote for the Nationalists and let's keep David Cameron in power. Chin chin.

Anonymous said...

blue tories or labour red ones there really is no difference anymore

Anonymous said...

The majority of Scots voted for Labour in the 2010 general election, result we got a Tory government ruling us but just one Tory MP

Back in September we had the chance of ending Tory rule in Scotland for the foreseeable future but a few of us chose not to take that option

Voting for the traditional Westminster parties in the next general election will not help Scotland, that model has gone

Only one party truly represents the people of Scotland, the SNP

Help end Westminster rule

Anonymous said...

Where's the home rule we were promised?


Murd asked who is right?
The SNP or Danny at least he is trying to get a ramp installed at Firhall. Not saying it is on the education books and they have no money Danny is telling the H.C. to consider the disabled and get the free ramp in place. and not giving me all the hard luck stories.
Plus taking court action for right of way for cars to court costing you thousands then abandoning the case and then announce it was.
A satisfactory result was achieved. Please tell the world what what was achieved??

Anonymous said...

a ramp would be nice but the path would be a bit too shaky to take my granny up there

Anonymous said...

Vote SNP and stay in European Union, not an outcome I would like. Independence from Westminster but still ruled by and told what to do by Europe, is NOT independence.
People who want out of Europe will vote for Cameron, it's a big mistake that the SNP made telling us that they will stay in Europe, the way things are going in Greece maybe we will all have to get out anyway, then I could vote SNP.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:38

Few of our laws are set by the EU:

please don't just go spouting Ukip and think that guidelines are laws

Greece MIGHT try and opt out of the Euro, not the EU at this stage, stop acting like a redtop newspaper