Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Big Slide, a copy of the Independent assessor's report

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The Gurn would like to thank Nairn Youth Alliance who sought a copy of the Independent assessor's report on the Big Slide from Highland Council. In the public interest they have forwarded that report to us (see image below) and also details of other information they received concerning this matter from a Highland Council Official.
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The Youth Alliance were also told in an e-mail ( and well done the official concerned for volunteering the report and the other details in a speedy manner):

"...please find attached the report relating to the old embankment slide at The Links, Nairn, which was carried out in Dec 2014 by an independent inspector carrying out an annual inspection.

The context of the report should not be taken in isolation but should be judged in consideration with other factors.
The report clearly identifies that there were issues with the unit including crumbling of the brick steps, finger traps, and split tubes. 

As stated above, factors other than the report should also be considered, – extent of remedial works, community aspirations, longevity of the unit, profile of the site, available funding, etc.

In this particular case the embankment slide unit had been in situ before I started work with The Highland Council some 13 years ago so it certainly wasn’t a new unit.

There were safety concerns over the condition of the steps, finger traps, and split tubes on this unit.

There had been requests from the public directly to Members to have a more toddler/younger child friendly site along the seafront.

There was an allocation of Capital funding available towards play equipment in Nairn for financial year 2014/15

Ward 19 (Nairnshire) Members have been working to piecemeal develop both of the seafront sites over recent years with The Links aimed towards toddler/younger children and the adjacent Putting Green site which is aimed towards juniors/older children. There has been some steady investment over recent years to work towards these goals.

We had an opportunity here via Capital funding to develop the site in accordance with Members vision and the community’s wishes by removing an old piece of equipment which had potential injury hazards attached to it, and replacing it with a new piece of equipment."

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