Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The General election - 78 days to go - what are your views? Fancy a wee blether with the Gurn?

We've done a series of short interviews with all the candidates that have so far declared in this constituency for the forthcoming General Election in May, including the present incumbent Danny Alexander. The links to their video interviews are listed below. What we would like to do now however is hear from local voters - what do you think are the issues that are most important for this election and what would you like the politicians to do for Nairn? If you would like to do  a 2-3 minute wee blether with the Gurn please contact us at

Wee blethers with the candidates (in the order that we had an opportunity to meet up with them) - do you fancy a go next?

Mike Robb Scottish Labour
Drew Hendry Scottish National Party
Ed Mountain Scottish Conservative
Danny Alexander Scottish LibDems
Isla O'Reilly Scottish Green Party. 

Meanwhile UK National media is showing more interest in the outcome of this high profile contest. Here's an article in the Independent. 


Anonymous said...

put the slide back in Nairn for a start.then tackle imigation.,we have to close our borders,and look after people already here.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:57

If you want to be racist at least learn to spell those big words like immigration?

And how exactly would you suggest we close Nairn's borders, a Hadrian type wall perhaps

I can see you're missing the slide and have nothing much to so these days

Graisg said...

This observer is not to bothered by spelling errors @anon 12.57 and often is capable of making them too. It isn't really a thing to get too bothered about as long as people have their say and express themselves as best as they can.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree, let's make Nairn independent in preparation for the whole of Scotland getting there

Anonymous said...

How can somebody be racist,when they talk about looking after everyone already in Scotland/UK?????I think the blogger is taking in a wider field of things that's all

Graisg said...

I think someone is simply taking the piss there anon, suggesting that the borders of Nairn should be shut. Anyway, any other issues important to voters? Want to do a video interview.

Anonymous said...

The suggestion is to close the borders of Nairn, that suggests looking after everyone in Nairn rather than Scotland?

I would suggest that some readers couldn't tell you where the borders of Nairn where, although many would like to point you to where a slide once was

Political debate in Nairn, only if it involves kiddies play things

Graisg said...

Obviously the Big Slide is the only General Election issue that folk want to debate about today. Perhaps we'll try again in a week or two.