Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday miscellany - housing construction continues

The BBC are reporting "Police investigating an incident in which a homeless man suffered burns have charged a 25-year-old man." More here.

One of our regular readers points out an IT support apprenticeship opportunity going  at the UHI. Might suit some of our more techy type younger readers perhaps.

Nairn County versus Fort William in the league is on at Station Park today. Two weeks ago Fort were dispatched from the Highland League Cup by Nairn, will the recently rejuvenated west coasters be on better form today however?

Houses that are being built up at Lochloy seem to be being occupied as quickly as they are completed. This morning this observer popped up for an image of some or the latest construction and workers were busy working a Saturday shift. Obviously there is demand for housing in Nairn and perhaps it won’t be too long before the present Lochloy development runs out of spare ground.

Meanwhile another construction goes up without planning permission on the riverside, looks to be well built too. Thanks to our riverside correspondent Murd for submitted his image. Nairn is getting quite a reputation now for ecohooses.

Yesterday there were a few traffic problems in Nairn and also in Aberdeen it seems. The Press and Journal warned of delays getting into Aberdeen and illustrated it with a picture of traffic hold-ups in Nairn. Were we part of one record breaking Scottish traffic jame? 

Finally, one of the Station Park paparazzi, Kenny MacLeod, has opened a facebook page for his Cutter Photography activities.

Riverside Homes

Lochloy homes under construction

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