Thursday, February 26, 2015

Entries are now being invited for the 2015 Nairnshire Challenge

Entries are now being invited for the 2015 Nairnshire Challenge to be held on Sunday, 21 June, this year. Organised annually by the Rotary Club of Nairn since 1997, this 30 mile biathlon on foot and bicycle has attracted many to the County over the years and a similar response is hoped for again.

The event continues to receive generous support, both from Lord Cawdor who allows access to Cawdor Estates, and from the many local voluntary groups who, on the day, ensure that all participants enjoy safe progress from Dava Moor at the southerly end of the Countyto the Links in Nairn. 

The Challenge annually attracts well over 300 participants who face a 12.3 mile track on foot through the grouse moors of the Cawdor Estates, changing to bicycle at Drynachan for the 17.7 mile ride through marshalled back roads to the finish at the Links. Inevitably, many will be racing against the clock to achieve their personal best. The fastest usually takes around 2hours 30 minutes, but the event is not intended to be a competition. It is primarily designed as a personal challenge, no matter how fast or slow the individual chooses to make it. Bill
Robertson, the Challenge Co-ordinator, says, “Seeing Nairnshire ‘from top to bottom’ is surely worth taking the time to enjoy this unique experience, so look what the speed merchants are missing!”

Entry is open to everyone aged 16 years and over, singly or in teams of 3. Full details are available on the Challenge web-site at Additional information is also available on Facebook, with comment from previous participants.

The Rotary Club organises the Challenge, which is recognised as the third most important annual event in the County, primarily to raise funds to support local, national and international good causes. A total of over £1/2M has been raised over the years and much has gone in grants to local voluntary groups. This year, however, primarily because the event is taking place on Fathers’ Day, and in conjunction with many other Rotary Clubs in Scotland, some of the proceeds will go to Prostate Scotland. Hopefully, this will encourage sponsors of all the participants to donate generously.

Another new feature this year will be the identification of a main local sponsor for the event. The name will be announced in due course. 

Bill Robertson has confirmed that planning for the event is well under way and a good level of support is expected.


Anonymous said...

If this goes down the Cawdor - Nairn riverside path, then they will all need a canoe too as well as a machete in summer....

Graisg said...

it's pushbike all the way down the hill on roads from Drynachan.

Anonymous said...

Canoe, lol

Only if the river's in spate, even then there's the banshee to navigate around as you approach the lower reaches near the harbour