Monday, March 28, 2016

A petition to stop the spending of £500,000 on a metal cladding for Inverness Museum passes 3,000 signatures

Regular readers may recall a post earlier this month we drew attention to the proposal to spend a considerable sum of money cladding the Inverness museum and compared the fortunes of Nairn Museum to the facility in the Highland Capital. That article is here. 

Since then a petition has been started by Inverness businessman Donald MacKenzie. His petition states:

"Stop Highland Council wasting cash cladding ugly museum to make it a gold-clad ugly museum."

There appears to be considerable momentum building behind this petition and that would indicate it is not only folk in Nairn that think the money could be better spent on other things. The petition is available here and has now been signed by over 3,000 people. 


Sheena Baker said...

Thanks Gurn for giving this link. I have signed and happy to do so.

I can think of plenty of projects throughout this area that could be achieved by such a large amount of money. Even if that pot of gold is specifically a building related fund there are buildings in Nairn and other areas within 30 miles that could all benefit.

If a building is an ugly monstrosity to look at then cladding it will not make it's function any more productive.It is what happens within the building that is important not how it looks.

I sincerely hope the petition forces a rethink. probably find they have already contracted out the job!! If you agree please sign the petition.

David Brownless said...

You can't polish a turd..... an utter waste of public money...

Glitter Garry said...

The real problem is not being addressed. We need a petition to oust those who thought this was a good idea, without which they'll just come up with more hair brained schemes especially as Inverness has now been awarded a couple of quid

Having said that I'd more than welcome a plan to open up the riverside in Inverness. The imaginative ideas I've heard so far are to move the courthouse to a new building on the Longman and for the not very nice castle to be a tourist attraction , wow

I wonder if Nairn will get any of the cities glitter dust, what turd/s could we polish?