Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Community Council crisis - what now for the new West/Suburban CC after shock resignation?

The Nairnshire today details the circumstances behind the resignation of West/Suburban secretary Brian Stewart as Secretary and also as a member of the Community Council. More details at a newsagents near you. 

What then now for the fledgling Community Council that was launched after the
Brian Stewart pictured at the South Nairn
planning hearing in June 2014
combination of West and Suburban CCs at the elections in November? The Gurn understands that Brian had been very reluctant to take on that role in the first instance but decided to do so after it was indicated that the Council would fall into abeyance unless that position was filled. 

If you think of many of the initiatives that have emerged from the community councils and other groups in recent years to fight Nairn's corner in an increasingly Invercentric Highland world then Brian will probably have been there helping to develop and draw up strategies and documents to help fight our corner. There are those that feel that Brian's skills went a long way to helping the community fight these battles at a level that often surpassed the kind of information and material that the out of town authorities that have made the major decisions for Nairn in recent years have been able to produce. Brian's main motivation is to make Nairn a better place for all that live work or come to holidy in the town. This observer feels it is fair to say that his contribution through the Community Councils and other organisations has been immense. 

So what now for the West/Suburban CC? Will fault lines emerge along the wetlands/visitor project they propose for Sandown  and now the giant cage proposed for parrots and other birds that is championed by a newly co-opted member of that organisation? There are those that feel that housing should be the priority for the Sandown fields and amongst that social housing that the town would have a large element of control over. Sandown is of course on the West/Suburban "manor" but it will be interesting to see what others out with that geographical area might wish to see done with those fields owned by the Common Good Fund which could possibly used as an engine room for development that could harvest cash for other projects in Nairn. The next meeting of the Westie/Subbies will be very interesting. 


Anonymous said...

One man doesn't make a council, life will go on!

Anonymous said...

The Tradespark Hall funds were held for the people of Tradespark - were they not? What role does this Community Council have? How many people living in Tradespark were elected? Will the folk who live beside the old hall and who used it be consulted? Who will call the shots?

Sheena Baker said...

Sad to hear Brian is bowing out. It will undoubtedly be the CC's loss as his ability to dissect the information or lack of it has played a very important part in the town these past few years.

Have to say though, bit tongue in cheek, the meetings will be shorter! Maybe not better! I would say the new joint CC is the loser, Brian will have a lot more time for other projects including some relaxation.

Brian if you are looking for a new project just remember the cycle and coastal paths need a champion with your ability to take them forward, albeit as the Council and landowners are involved probably slowly!

Anonymous said...

Bird cage!??

Anonymous said...

There's always a balance when speaking in public. Getting all the facts across and also being succinct so you hold people's attention and all importantly don't speak for too long. If you love the sound of your own voice it's probably best that you never take up any role whereby people have to listen to you talk