Friday, March 11, 2016

Highland Common Good Funds - a webcast worth watching

A quick insight into how others in the Highlands view Glenurquhart Road's administration of Common Good Funds is available in the webcast of yesterday's full Council meeting. 

This week both community councils in the town raised their concerns or perhaps alarm might be a better word that an official be appointed to oversee the management of the funds and that the funds be charged for that official's work. The meeting yesterday discussed the mechanics of that arrangement and how much it might work out at etc. 
Stephen Fuller speaking yesterday

Previous mess-ups that have cost the Highland Council dearly were mentioned and ongoing issues that are still to be sorted too. There seemed to be widespread support that a solicitor be appointed to delve into some of the tangled aspects of the like of asset registers but how that would be funded proved to be controversial. The appointment is going ahead but whether it will be the Council that pays for that statutory duty to be carried or whether the common good funds put up the cash is yet to be decided. 

There seemed to be considerable support for Stephen Fuller's viewpoint that it should be the Council, his proposal was not voted on, he withdraw it in favour of the convenor suggesting that it be brought back for decision at the May meeting, thus giving time for consultation with Community Councils as was called for during the meeting yesterday. 

Interesting comment from Richard Laird that illuminated the feelings beyond the chamber that members of the public generally hold on the issue of the Common Good, he said:

"Whether we like it or not there is significant public opinion, particularly Inverness and Nairn. There is no confidence among a lot of people in the way this Council manages the Common Good in both those former Burghs. Whether we like it or not that is the Truth."

We would recommend that all serious students of Common Good matters in Nairn head for this Highland Council webcast page and click on item 18 in the right hand side scroll bar.


Looking after their own good said...

What is clear from the video is the number of councillors bailing out before the end of this webcast. I wonder how many were desperate to get in line for their free lunch? I wouldn't last long at my work if I displayed such behaviour, in fact I've often missed meals if meetings have overrun as they often do

Do we have a replica House of Lords at Highland Council meetings, folk turning up to get paid whilst saying little or nothing and enjoying the catering facilities?

Graisg said...

Can't say I saw much of that anon during item 18. Some councillors still do have a free lunch others don't and insist on paying. If in doubt just ask your local members yourself.