Thursday, March 17, 2016

Local groups to benefit after Nurturing Nairn votes cast

A Highland Council press release: 

Local people had the chance to cast their votes on Saturday (12 March 2016) at the Nurturing Nairnshire participatory budgeting event held in Nairn and community projects are now set to benefit.

Over 100 people took part in deciding which projects should be supported from the £25,000 made available from the local Highland Councillors Ward Discretionary budget. A total of 14 out of the 29 projects put forward by community groups have been successful and will now receive funding to help them put their ideas into action.

All applicants gave a 4-minute pitch to make their case for funding and then attendees were asked to vote for the five projects that they thought would make Nairnshire a better place.

The Provost of Nairn, Councillor Laurie Fraser said: “The community has decided what projects they think will help Nurture Nairnshire and the whole process has been a great way to support community empowerment. This is the first time we have tried anything like this in Nairn and the feedback from those who attended the event was overwhelmingly positive. The event showcased all the fantastic work that community groups do locally and I am extremely grateful for everyone who came along and made the day such an excellent success.”

The successful bids were awarded as follows:

• Nairn Welfare Football Association - Riverside Refurbishment

• Friends of Nairn Duke of Edinburgh - Duke of Edinburgh Awards now and for the future

• Nairn Kayak club - Nairn Harbour training and coaching base

• Nairn Men’s Shed - Acquisition of permanent premises

• Revolution Cycling Team- Nairn BMX Track Tidy Up/Provision of a safe environment for inexperienced cyclists

• Nairn Ceilidh Group - Ceilidh on the move

• Nairn Youth Café - Unicycle Achievement group

• Nairn Sports Club - Rackets for all

• River Nairn Swan and Waterfowl Trust - Lower Riverside Enhancement

• Lung at heart - Lung at heart

• Nairn sailing club - Improving public access to Nairn West Beach

• Nairn Books and Arts Festival - Kids events for all

• Nairn Allotment Society - Growing fruit trees from grafts on rootstocks

• Association of Nairn Businesses - Get to know Nairn


John Urquhart. said...

Due to the voting rules 10,000 Nairnshire people could not vote! No qualms about those who did win, but, many could not give up 4 hrs on a Saturday to be eligible to vote or present.

Anonymous said...

Methinks Mr U doth protest too much

Anonymous said...

its disgusting to see that groups that have money got allocated more,and the others that have none,(example)murd and his quest for a ramp,got nothing,a disgrace,and its a case of,,i,m alright jack,,stuff you.

Anonymous said...

Just look at Nairn Farming Society who got the grand sum of £45,000 from The Davidson Trust to go towards the cost of buying iron pens to keep the livestock penned in, for a show which is only on for one day a year!