Friday, March 04, 2016

Allied Irish Bank get planning permission to turn the Windsor into flats

The application to turn the Windsor Hotel into 13 flats and a guest house was approved very quickly at the South Area Planning Committee at Glenurquhart Road on Tuesday. Michael Green and Laurie Fraser spoke in favour  and none of their colleagues raised questions or commented on the project. 

The Allied Irish Bank should have no difficulty in finding funds for the 
conversion if this BBC article published yesterday is anything to go by "Allied Irish Banks: Parent company of NI bank, First Trust, makes 1.5bn profit" In no time at all there could be a few builders heading for the High Street for a piece at lunchtime if the bankers have that much cash floating around. 

The traffic issues raised during the course of this application were considered but the planning officer summed it up by saying there were not enough grounds for refusal that could be defended on appeal. There were one or two things to be tidied up such as the issue of domestic refuse but the planning councillors gave the go ahead. 

Michael Green said he was very supportive of the application and listed the ongoing issues including youths entering the vacant building and the need for regular visits by the police. He didn't see it as a loss of amenity but an addition if anything. He said that the application had overwhelming consent in Nairn. For Michael this would add to the number of beds for the holiday trade and he indicated that there were shortages of such capacity in the summer in Nairn. He thought that the development would be "upscale" and mirror the occupation pattern of the Marine Appartments - he said it "ticked a lot of boxes for Nairn."

Laurie Fraser said it cleared up an eyesore but conceded that there could be parking problems. He thought it would have been nicer to separate the houses but he too gave it his blessing.

And that was it, a go ahead for the Allied Irish bankers.  

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