Wednesday, March 23, 2016

City deal for Inverness - but just where will Highland Council find the cash to contribute its share?

Gurn opionion: There is a regional element involved so perhaps we will get the paddling pool fixed now?  The Scottish Government press release states: 

 "Funding will be targeted towards improving the regions transport and digital connectivity networks, fostering innovation of high growth businesses through the creation of a Northern Scotland Innovation Hub, promoting tourism and delivery of local housing and assisted living schemes."

It would be really helpful if any of our politicians could set out a road map of just how Nairn might benefit however - what should we get pro rata over 10 years £30 million? Time for some sizeable crumbs to trickle down in our direction?

The press release goes on:

"Inverness will benefit from a £135 million Scottish Government investment into the city’s infrastructure following the award of a City Deal.

Working in partnership with The Highland Council and the UK Government, the Scottish Government’s investment brings the total City Deal funding for Inverness to £315 million over 10 years. The UK Government will commit up to £53 million and The Highland Council and regional partners will contribute £127 million.

The City Deal is an agreement between the Scottish Government, UK Government and The Highland Council."

So we see a figure there mentioned in conjunction with "Highland Council and regional partners." Let's just pull a figure out of a hat and say half of that could come from Highland Council? Given their apocalyptic situation with pay-offs and cut backs just how do they hope to come up with that?  Gurnties might remember the Press and Journal suggesting Highland Council might have to cut £41 million in an article back in December.

Good luck to Snecky the roads will soon be paved with government gold even if it is only to be aluminium cladding for their museum.   The Scottish Government press release is available in full here. 

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Anonymous said...

Why only 10% for Nairn?
Why not 90%?
I think Auldearn needs 30%!