Sunday, March 13, 2016

Winners and losers at Nurturing Nairnshire

Murd shares his thoughts with the Gurn:

"I would like to thank everyone who supported the ramp application for the Firhall Bridge yesterday in the Community Centre, especially Brian Stewart for his presentation. We didn't succeed but we were up against so many good causes in a new event that turned out fine on the day and was a useful exercise but perhaps it could do with a bit of fine tuning to enable more people to vote.

Congratulations to the winners but for myself and others that didn't succeed a moment of quite reflection as the winners were having their picture taken for the Council publicity. I have to confess to a slight feeling of failure, I know how a ramp could make such difference to a lot of people that would like to benefit from a circular walk of the river. I still see it as a necessary improvement and I will keep campaigning for a way for it to become reality. If there was a huge lump of last minute cash available recently for several Highland Council discretionary projects such as the ice rink our four councillors could perhaps prepare a document supporting the ramp now for submission should there be funds left over again through in Inverness next year. I will have a word with those that have helped the Firhall Bridge campaign up to now and see what we can do next, perhaps it might mean another attempt at this Nurturing Nairnshire fund next year or perhaps some other opportunity might crop up in the meantime. Anyway thanks for the support and watch this space"


Anonymous said...

Although undoubtedly all excellent causes - I have to say I don't see how some of the winners met the brief of "benefiting the community at large", and there was also obviously block voting with neighbouring groups and their supporters shoring up each other. However all in all and excellent event showcasing the good work so many in Nairn do,with some excellent causes taking money from the pot. I hope this returns next year and some lessons are learnt. Some suggestions based on my observations and meagre opinion.

1. Possibly grouping the applications for example: community groups, arts, sport, health, charity and being able to vote for one in each category.

2. A more structured approach to questioning rather than your pals just offering endorsements or certain community figures gerrymandering.. maybe one question from the councillors and officials and then open to the public.

3. A chance to network and meet with the applicants informally before voting.

4. Funds must be used for tangible benefit, not for professional expenses planning etc.

however congratulations to all the winners , commiserations to those who were unsuccessful....I look forward to next time!

Anonymous said...

What excellent observations anonymous. Maybe need to be clearer about what "tangible benefits" means.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see the presentation. Is there a costed plan for the ramps? Perhaps we can crowdfund it? I would donate.

murd said...

Reply from MURD

The stumbling block was the H.C refusing too spend (£9000 for a survey }before the army would undertake the job of installing the ramp as a training exercise.
I can only presume they would of designed A satiable ramp to comply with all the requirements before they committed to do the instalation.
Gordon sawmill said they would help with timber required for A ramp.
That is the situation with out A SURVEY TO ASSURE every one the the bridge is safe for a ramp.
IS there any point in paying for any thing that would be of no use with A survey and the go ahead from the H.C.??

As a matter of interest when I first suggested A ramp and put forward the drawing I myself thought was all that was needed to be installed as a free standing ramp.
It was said by the chief engineer that with some alterations it was possible to install at estimate cost of £31.000.
The bottom line is NO SURVEY NO RAMP!