Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Projects recommended for Capital Discretionary Funding at the Highland Council Thursday - nothing for Nairn!

A document going before the chamber at Highland Council tomorrow lists six projects recommended for funding, and the cash amount they will get if passed, and they are:

• Inverness Ice Centre 171,870 
• South Loch Ness Trail 72,000
• Cromarty Harbour Trust 50,000 
• Alexandra Bridge 26,406 
• New Embo Community Centre 70,000 
• WASPS Studios, Midmills College 100,000 

Gurnites wishing to find out more about these projects can download the Highland Council's report by clicking on item 15 on this agenda document here for the meeting in Glenurquhart Road tomorrow. 

Gurn opinion:  Obviously they are all very worthy projects but why is there nothing for Nairn on this list? Surely there is enough that needs doing? Did our councillors submit anything? Things are supposed to be going down the pan but there is still money around although none of it seems to be coming our way. 


Anonymous said...

I know that these monies are not usually transferable but it just seems that in a time of incredible cuts that have a real impact on people being able to live let alone enjoy any leisure that grants like these are the icing on a cake that has all but disappeared, likewise the Nurturing Nairnshire grants you mention below

Anonymous said...

Nairn, Lochaber, Caithness, Badenoch & Strathspey and Skye & Lochalsh.

Sheena Baker said...

Anonymous at 5.33pm is correct. Pots of gold are normally specific and not easily transferrable.

My point is that Nairn needs to be far more proactive applying for funds. I thought I was reasonably up to date on Council Funding but a Capital DISCRETIONARY Fund with such a large amount to disburse came as a surprise. Presumably the financial year end looms and they have a lot left in that specific pot of gold that they HAVE to spend!

We now know this fund exists, so TEAM Nairn let's get our act together and put in 2 or 3 major projects for funding for the benefit and improvement of the town and it's residents from the 2016-2017 Capital Discretionary Fund!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone in authority (or otherwise) hold a comprehensive list of grants that Nairn could be applying for? And if not why not?