Saturday, March 19, 2016

Disability awareness day for schools - Nairn 17th March 2016 - pictures

Individual images here. 


murd said...


I wonder if they were made aware of the situation at the Firhall Owing to the fact the disabled cant access the bridge.
What a bonus it would if the schools were to add support for all who cannot access the steps at the bridge
So if they support A ramp being installed let there voice be heard.

A bridge too expensive? said...

I suspect Murd that you'll never get council support for disabled access for the Firhall bridge.

Stating the obvious the council own the bridge.

If the survey that's required was obtained, and the findings were positive then I'm sure despite the many contractors you've found from Gordon's to the army their work/materials would then have to be overseen (by the council), insured etc for the 'free' work to go ahead.

No doubt the council would require a report from a structural engineer once the work was completed (more money).

I suspect that 'the' council see any improvements to the bridge as a huge potential money sook and therefore want nothing to do with it, including you getting the first stage, the survey

I hope I'm wrong, but with your recent application for funding being turned down I'm beginning to wonder

You may have gathered from Westminster that the disabled are not a group of people we should be spending money on

I thank you for all the efforts you've made so far and along with many others hope that one day Firhall bridge has disabled access, just not holding my breath.

Murd said...

Let me put a few facts right.
Firstly the application was not turned down out voted maybe but was considered A worthwhile cause to go forward as A benefit to the comunity.

The survey is required to prove the bridge is safe for access to be installed.
{At the moment is the bridge safe to use??. Try getting the H.C. verify that it is safe!

Yes the the ramp may require insurance but the insurance for the steps could be tranferred.? And the moment steps do not meet with what is required for todays standards something they also have chosen to ignore.

As for the work requiring to be overseen do you not think the army would be capable of that as part of the whole training exercise.
When I first suggested a ramp A svrvey was conducted £9.000+another at£5.000 but was out of date when it was presented to the army.

I acquired a written estimate for the removal of the redundant pipe £1.500
in there wisdom they allocated the job to another contractor ac a cost of £5.000
Thats the the people who make decisions where the money is spent.

As for engineers approval it was suggested with a few alterations the ramp I put forward to H.C. structural engineer could be installed for estimated £31.000.

Stating the obvious the council own the bridge.
I have mail from the H.C. stating it belongs to the Water Board it was built as a pipe bridge not A replacement for the right of way that was washed away.

You may have gathered from Westminster that the disabled are not a group of people we should be spending money on.
My answer to that is money should be spent on them they sent our forces to war. Many of them returned disabled do we just ignore the sacrifice they made for us?
If you think cladding a building £500.000 in Inverness is more important than helping the disabled and our councilors make the right distinctions as to what the spend money on lets agree to disagree.
They will continue to do so unless the people stand up for what i think is right for who want to cross the bribge.
A ramp is required and the support of the people for the people is required. Time for action.

Anonymous said...

Maybe "a bridge too far" and Murd should get together along with W L Young who was supposed to have led the Nurturing Nairnshire application for Murd.

Between the 3 of them I am sure some letters to the Council could make the point that the improvement is needed, that many in Nairn agree with Murd and admire his tenacity to keep gnawing away at this bone.

After all if Westminster can be shamed into a U turn maybe if we all treated this seriously and those in favour of the improvement banded together the Highland Council could also be "shamed" into making a U turn and then this improvement could happen. If the Water Board do own the bridge then once that is clarified turn the guns on them!

Murd is quite right, half a million spent cladding a perfectly functional building is money NOT well spent! May look prettier but will not affect the workings of the building one jot.

murd said...

I do the e-mail but was only highlighting some of the type of corespondence that was sent over the years to try and put me off standing up for all to get across.

Another remark was WHY are you CONCERNED you can cross. Or it is no concern to me I don't go round the river anyway.

Somthing that would appear to be the attitude of A lot of people who are supposed to be concerned about encouraging and making Nairn some where to to be enjoyed.
The river side has a lot to offer to visitors and enjoy the wild life and natural beauty.
At most of the meetings I attend the cry is we have all to pull together and get things for the good of the Town.
But it does not appear apply to a ramp at the Firhall!

Maybe "a bridge too far" should be A bridge in the wrong part of TOWN for those who would rather spend millions on A fantasy of cruise ships entering the harbour in ten years time!.
The high street may change but the river side will remain one of the things Nairn has to offer for people to visit and costs very little

The Bridge was a replacement for the one lost in the floods.

The orignal bridge was funded and built by local buisness men 1931.For all to enjoy.
Seat's the small bridges paths mintained all donated by people who had an interest in encouraging visitors to the town.

Replaced by the Scottish office funding 1958. The water pipe run across the river bed and was damaged prior to it being put on to the bridge.

Please do not think just becaus I have being trying for years to achieve the rights for all at the bridge you can not get involved in fact.
I would welcome any to take over the reins and get A ramp at the bridge.