Saturday, March 26, 2016

Nairn River Community Council branch out onto social media

NRCC have had a website for some time but now in an effort  to research issues the community think important they are branching out onto social media. They state on their brand new Facebook page:

"The main purpose of the Nairn River Community Council is to find out what residents' views are, and represent them to the Highland Council, and other public authorities, and private agencies, in order to have action taken on matters of interest or concern to the community.

In order to do this effectively, we need to know what your views are, what matters do you want the Community Council to raise on your behalf. This page is one of the ways we are hoping to achieve this, other mechanisms will be set up in due course."


Anonymous said...

Great to see that River CC aren't too wee and too poor to show their bigger neighbour to the West that there are better ways to look after their population! Err ..........

class warrior said...

River CC "too wee and too poor" compared to their "bigger neighbour to the West"? Really, Anonymous of 10:56am?

Nairn River CC

membership: 12
electorate: 5505
area: 7.1 sqkm
current funds: approx £5000

Nairn West & Sub CC

membership: 11
electorate: 4495
area: 3.3 sqkm
current funds: approx £3500

Moral? Never let the facts get in the way of good old-fashioned prejudice....

Graisg said...

@Class Warrior, thought perhaps Anon might have been referring to Inverness and was unaware that there was another CC in the town.

Red red wine said...

As few people attend community council meetings this is a good way to try and engage with folk. Might be handy if people were reminded as to the River CC's geographic boundaries?

warming house said...

Also dates of meetings for those that don't buy the Nairnshire (shame on you)