Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Agenda for NRCC Meeting 7.30 pm Weds 17th January 2018

The Harbour and the current planning applications from developers for housing on Liz's land and also the Morganti plot on Forres Road will be discussed next Thursday night in the Community and Arts Centre. You can see a copy of the full agenda here on the Nairn River Community Council webpages. 

No doubt controversy over the two planning applications will continue but it will also be interesting to see if anything emerges to indicate how Highland Council intend to proceed with the Harbour. Tom Heggie recently told the Gurn that the road would have to be opened down by but a lack of precise information on how that will happen is leading to much rumour and speculation especially as we have now passed one month of not having access to the popular car park at the east pier.  


Tumbleweed said...

Looks like this might become very protracted. If Tom was correct, surely there would be some progress in repairing the road? While it might be bad news for citizens it's probably good news for boat owners who won't be paying harbour fees until it opens. Again, apart from a chance meeting with Tom, nothing from our councillors? You would think given the importance to the Nairn economy and the amenity for locals, they would be all over this?

Anonymous said...


These days boat owners have to pay harbour dues for the whole year if they want to retain their berth whether they are in the water or not.

Another money spinning idea from Highland Council that came in a few years back as prior to that most people only paid from around Easter through to September/October when their boats were in the harbour.

Doesn't look as though we're getting the harbour or the road fixed anytime soon

Unknown said...

What happened to the planned joint meeting to discuss the Kingsteps and the Forres Road Plannng Apple actions?