Wednesday, January 10, 2018

NRCC letter to Nairnshire re pressure on local infrastructure of new housing developments

Nairn River Community Council have published on their website a copy of a letter they wrote to the Nairnshire Telegraph in response to an article in that paper that published comments from local SNP Councillor Liz MacDonald that criticised the Community Council's position on housing issues. The Letter begins:

"On behalf of Nairn River Community Council, we are very concerned about the misleading way that discussions at our meeting last Wednesday 15 November were reported on the front page of last week’s Nairnshire ( Tues 22 November 2017).

We wish to clarify our consistent support as a body for provision of appropriate housing in Nairn to meet local need. At no point have we ever as an organisation taken a position against provision of social housing for Nairn. We are thus disappointed to see this suggested on your front page.

At last week’s meeting when Cller MacDonald noted the availability of Scottish Government funding for affordable housing, suggesting we were not in favour of this for Nairn, several Community Councillors spoke up to refute that. Our objection to the proposed Forres Road site development (see made clear that what was proposed was not good enough for social housing tenants. We want to see high quality housing design and amenities, and a healthy living environment in line with Scottish Government’s recent Creating Places policy paper which is meant to inform local affordable housing plans."

The document goes on to make several more points that will interest those many Nairn based students of local planning and housing developments and the letter is also is highly critical of Cllr MacDonald. You can read the letter in full here. 

The Forres Road application which was the subect of Liz's ire towards NRCC was withdrawn but then another one was submitted with a one more dwelling added to the plan's density. That new application is live on the Highland Council e-planning site and can be browsed here. 


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see the RSPB comments on the Morganti application, they have stated that the site has naturalised into a wild urban area of importance to breeding birds. They have recommended that a breeding bird survey is carried out prior to the determination of the application.

Graisg said...

@anon 10.39 and your comment about a Councillor, we'll have a think about that one.

Unknown said...

We wish to clarify our consistent support as a body for provision of appropriate housing in Nairn to meet local need.
That is some statement for them to make considering the the times I have said Nairn needs housing but never have I herd them pushing for the perfectly good building lying empty on King street TO be brought back into use for families in much need of housing.


Anonymous said...

@Murdoch Dunbar

Social housing died with the Thatcher government, there will never be monies to bring it back other than a token gesture here or there.

Private landlords have been openly encouraged by the Tories, buy to let. It’s a great scheme whereby the taxpayer gives money to private individuals if their tenants happen to be on housing benefit. It helps make the poor rich richer and is to be applauded.

Never mind, the NHS is currently being sold off. Another great Tory idea to give lots of money to private individuals

Society has changed, God help those who’re not very rich. Still, many of those voted Tory so they must be good after all?