Sunday, January 28, 2018

Community Responses to 2 Nairn Planning Applications - NRCC publish article on their website

Nairn River Community Council state on their website in relation to planning applications at Lochloy and at the Forres Road site:

"Our main concerns are that local roads, water and sewerage systems in the town are at bursting point.Quite literally recently, as could be seen and smelt on Harbour Street when drains overflowed with sewage from our outdated 'combined' drainage system after heavy rain on 24th January...

We believe that no more large scale housing can safely be developed in the town, without endangering the health of residents, and our tourist industry, until :
traffic congestion and drainage infrastructure problems are properly addressed and invested in
our natural assets of beaches, green spaces and wildlife are properly valued and protected
local social housing need takes priority over the profit making ambitions of commercial developers."

Those many serious students of all aspects of planning matters in Nairn may also wish to read a document that NRCC member Hamish Bain has submitted as an individual in relation to the application for the Morganti land. You can see Hamish's submission here and it contains images of sewage infrastructure situations - perhaps not for the squeamish?    

The Gurn understands that there is still a little time to make submissions to either of these planning applications if you feel so inclined and the best way to do that is to register on the Highland Council e-planning site, this page here tells you how that works and there are links on the River CC site to both applications. 

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Anonymous said...

NRCC eleven page objection to Morganti application just gone online.