Friday, January 12, 2018

Nairn Harbour: "Money included in an approved capital budget for harbours, is being allocated to proceed with the necessary repairs."

A Highland Council press release states:

Nairn Harbour is one of the Council’s 28 statutory harbours. This places particular harbour related obligations on the Council. The Council is responsible for health and safety related works or more significant structural and emergency works to the 100 harbours across Highland. Extreme weather events and ageing assets impact on the need for urgent major structural works and repairs on an ongoing basis.

The harbour wall at Nairn collapsed during storms in December necessitating emergency works.

Money included in an approved capital budget for harbours, is being allocated to proceed with the necessary repairs.

Chair of the Nairn Committee, Cllr Tom Heggie said:

“I am pleased to announce that the Capital Board has allocated funding for Nairn Harbour. The estimates for the work have come in at under £100,000 including the works undertaken to stabilise the wall over the Christmas/New Year period. On that basis the Capital Board has approved the works to proceed as funds in recognition of the importance of the harbour to Nairn. This is really good news for Nairn.”

On behalf of local members, Cllr Liz MacDonald welcomed the announcement. She said:

"Nairn Harbour is the backbone of our town and essential for locals, tourism and the prosperity of our town and I welcome the efforts being undertaken to move it forward for repair as quickly as possible. Officers have been working very hard over the holiday period preparing a schedule of works to repair the harbour wall and road and will hopefully have the harbour open to users by Easter. I would like to thank the staff involved for their quick action on this issue."


Anonymous said...

Hoping it is not just a sticking plaster fix.

Anonymous said...

Also see the spin comment on this

M Urgency said...

There is nothing as permanent as a temporary repair.

Property Developer said...

So it'll be at least four months and £100K to fix a hole in a road

Why am I underwhelmed?

jobsworth said...

In case Liz hasn't caught on working hard over the Christmas and New Year period is now the norm. I had Christmas day off but that was it. Just look at all the shops and services that are open 24/7 including the NHS. Why should the council be any different?