Monday, January 29, 2018

Morganti Land application - Community Council "object strongly to any development in this location"

An 11 page document outlining Nairn River Community Council's opposition to the proposed development on the Morganti land states:

"We write in connection with the above planning application. We have examined the plans and we know the site well. We wish to object strongly to any development in this location. 

As the site subject to this proposal is not included in the emerging site allocations development plan document, on which the public have been consulted, it goes against the development plan for Nairn. There are currently eight areas of consideration on the Local Plan and this area is not included. The proposed development for thirty-two dwellings is a huge overdevelopment of what this site could safely carry, leaving aside any other issues. Pressure to develop housing in Nairn is considerable but this development would make the current traffic and sewerage flooding problems much more severe. These infrastructure problems are not solvable without huge investment in both the roads and the sewers."

Regular readers who are among the many serious students of Nairn planning matters may wish to pour a late night dram or make another cuppa and have a look at the 11 pageCommunity Council document. 

A copy of it is online here and contains several images to illustrate the arguments made by the watchdogs. 


James Logie Ralph said...

A very compelling piece of work, well done NRCC.

Anonymous said...

A comprehensive, well researched document. Kudos to NRCC.