Thursday, January 25, 2018

Springfield plans for 115 house on Liz's land - Highland Council's Transport Planning Team object to the application

In a document that has appeared on the Highland Council's e-planning file for the Springfield application the Highland Council's Transport Planning Team state:
"Given the comments set out below, we must Object to this Application in its current form for the reasons set out below. If the Planning Authority was minded to grant Planning Permission, we recommend that the proposed Conditions set out below are included in any permission issued."

There then follows 12 pages in which the Transport Planning team set out their reason for their opposition and outline points they wish to be reassessed. "Clarity should be sought" is a phrase that jumps out of the page at several points, "more clarity" appears too and also "clarity is needed". 

Again so much connected with this application comes back once again to the Lochloy junction on the A96. The document states:

"Of the 3 junctions analysed in the TA, the Lochloy Road / A96 / View Road junction appears to be most critical in terms of its modelled capability to accommodate the anticipated trips from this development. "

The Transport Planning team then go on to raise four specific issues and then state: "Given all of the points raised above and the apparent sensitivity of the Lochloy Road / A96 / View Road junction to safely accommodate the predicted trips from this development, we object to this Application until the above points have been satisfactorily resolved." 

The many serious students of Nairn planning matters may wish to have a good look at this lengthy document, there's plenty there so make yourself a cuppa or pour a dram and give it a go. It's here under the documents tab on the Highland Council e-planning pages. 


Unknown said...

Why are developers allowed to submit incomplete and inaccurate information as part of their Planning Application and waste everyone’s time? Even worse why are they given the opportunity to correct and provide the required information?

If their original submission is wrong or incomplete it should be rejected and they should be required to resubmit at a later date - rather than waste both the planning officials and the publics time.

Anonymous said...

I know that Springfield still have planning permission for an on going development at Lochloy, I can't remember as to how many houses this is for but I doubt these will be taken into account if there's any further traffic measurements?

I fully expect the usual horse trading will take place and a new application will be presented for sub 100 homes and it'll be passed.

Farcical if it weren't so serious especially for the current residents of the Lochloy area

Graisg said...

Think it pretty certain that all existing development potential would have to be taken into account Anon. The Highland Council Transport Planning team seem to be on the ball with this application.

Paul said...

Wow, an impressive set of objections by the Transport Planning Team. I'm now wondering why we wrote our letter objecting now as they've hit all the points we did, in particular speeding on Montgomerie Drive and the new foot/cycle crossing over the railway line to give us sensible access to the A96 and Sainsburys.

Oh, and Anonymous: the current development on NA5 included 685 units of which 598 have been built or occupied (page 2) so we've got 87 units still to go on the current application which will already increase traffic at the A96 junction, even before we add the 115 in the new NA2 application.

Morton said...

The more people that object the better as our councillors will only take notice if there are lots of objections.
Everyone in Lochloy and Kingsteps should object - encourage your neighbours to object.

Anonymous said...

As Morton says everyone needs to object especially if they're already Lochloy residents.

The Lochloy Rd/A96 junction is the only viable way to leave the area with a vehicle and morning delays can already be 20 minutes with further housing still to be built.

Apart from the inconvenience it's conceivable that this issue could drive down the value of homes in the area. Other issues could emerge as well such as schooling (having to travel to Auldearn) that could effect future sales of houses.