Monday, January 15, 2018

Springfield application for 115 houses on Liz's land - "this area must be subject to an archaeological evaluation"

In a consultation response to the proposed application for 115 houses out at Lochloy the Highland Council's own Historic Environment Team, Development & Infrastructure Service state: 

"The development lies in an area with potential for the survival of buried archaeological deposits. Important prehistoric remains, including burials, have been identified during development work in the wider area. Consequently, this area must be subject to an archaeological evaluation to assess the content, nature and extent of buried archaeological features and deposits."

Another document to the planner dealing with the case from an official responsible for this side of things states:

"ARC01C. No development or work (including site clearance) shall commence until a programme of work for the evaluation, preservation and recording of any archaeological and historic features affected by the proposed development/work, including a timetable for investigation, all in accordance with the attached specification, has been submitted to, and approved in writing by, the Planning Authority. The approved programme shall be implemented in accordance with the agreed timetable for investigation.
 Reason. In order to protect the archaeological and historic interest of the site.

The ARC01 condition requires that the development area is the subject of an evaluation in order to establish the archaeological content and potential. Dependent on the results of this work, further study may be required in advance of, and during, construction works. The evaluation will be backed up by desk-based research to produce a report setting out the results and any required mitigation strategy. The applicant will need to engage the services of a professional archaeological contractor."

You can read the documents about the archaeological potential of the site and the impact on the application here on the Highland Council's e-planning file for the application under the documents tab. 

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