Monday, January 22, 2018

Rebuilding Nairn Academy - time for voices from Nairn to be heard? Tom Heggie's comments at CC meeting

Highland Councillor Tom Heggie urged Nairnshire residents to fill in the Nairn Academy survey and get engaged in the process of getting Nairn Academy rebuilt. Here's what he said:
"There is a survey out from Nairn Academy. If anybody in Nairnshire is interested in the future of any child's education from age 3 upwards get engaged, because there's all kinds of issues and there needs to be...Alness Academy is being rebuilt courtesy of local engagement over the last ten years. Nairn Academy needs that engagement from Nairn because every child aged 3 onwards is going to end up in Nairn Academy in the next ten years and we need to make our views known from Nairnshire. 

Asked if this was regarding rebuilding the Academy Tom replied: “Yeah and you will only get a new building at the moment if […] one of the things that we should have is strategy (what's your strategy for developing something?). Unfortunately Alness got their particular building not because of strategy but because they started louder. Now I'm not advocating shouting louder I'm asked for professional assessment but I think we also need voices from Nairn. So if you have access to the Nairn Academy website and their survey get on it and get on with it. It doesn't matter whether you've got a child in education or not – it's necessary.

Tom went on to say that the education outcomes at Nairn Academy are on average above the Highland Council average despite the building."

Not only in Nairn are the state of educational facilities being criticised. There are others in the queue too. Nairn will have to work very hard to ensure the success of any campaign to have the Academy rebuilt. Here for example is Kate Forbes MSP commenting on social media about mould and rot at Broadford Primary. 

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