Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Lochloy junction - a missed opportunity for a roundabout?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it and available by the bucketload? But given the growth of the Lochloy estates and how long the authorities have known the extent of planned expansion in that area, would it have sensible of them to insist that
a large roundabout be installed at the Lochloy junction? The picture on the right is about 10 years old and shows the space that was available in the field for sometime. 

Fast forward to 2018 and the Highland Council e-planning site is packed with data and criticism and then more data and observations about the Lochloy junction. Debate about the Lochloy junction threatens to break the Internet. There's how the developer's traffic consultant's see it and the reality of how the residents see it, contributions too from the Highland Council's own traffic planning experts and they have objected to the Springfield application on the strength of their own observations and expertise.  Scroll down the Gurn a little for articles concerning two current planning controversies, the Lochloy junction is mentioned in dispatches in both of them.

A bridge across the railway into Lochloy would have been ideal but would a roundabout have been the next best thing? Should we have expected this to have been a priority from those who earn their living examining these things and predicting what will happen in the future?


Zebedee said...

Roundabouts don't make money whereas building shops on the vacant piece of land you highlight in the photo has.

115 new houses at Lochloy will bring in 115 new households paying council tax. New occupants are probably already working and paying tax so no new income for the much needed infrastructure required in Nairn to accommodate them, namely education and health.

Planning isn't joined up, politics tends to not look further ahead than a couple of years. It's a mess.

Liz's land is and the 115 new houses is just an add on to an already busy area, no need for any niceties such as improved access via a bridge or a roundabout.

I expect the planning application will be passed, it's about money and quality of life is not something that planners have to deal with


Yes some one wanted to build a house on that plot but was knocked back.
The reason given it was going to be used to make a slip road as was the shop that was demolished to improve access but that was not what others wanted for there own good

As in the case of my asking for the King street houses to be brought back into use that is also being kept under cover for private use but not housing.
You can bet someone is going to make money from it and to H-- WITH PEOPLE NEEDING HOUSES.

Kojak said...

A picture paints a thousand words.

D.Ross said...

I suggest that for more info on why the land was allowed to be developed, you get a copy of the 19th February 2002 Nairnshire Telegraph. The front page is quite interesting

Quote:- Mr. Cameron (Nairn's chief planning officer) said Bridgemill's application was much different because the proposed building would form part of an already established business, despite being an "out of town" development & contrary to the Local plan".

Graisg said...

Ah that rings a bell David, yes remember now that area being considered an out of town location, a stone's throw from the High Street Brae, seems incredible now when you see what is out of town and proposed out that way.

Graisg said...

David, could I get a copy of that front page please, would love to put it up online

Unknown said...

The amount of traffic on Lochloy road and speeding on this road is horrendous, and it's unbelievable that there's going to be even more houses and cars? The road is not fit for purpose! New viaduct at railway line is badly needed.


Things that are badly needed just are not considered to be necessary As someone who put's things forwarded well knows and here is some examples.

Station brae to be made safer. Bus shelter at the Hospital. Housing to be built.
Bring back housing on King Street into use. Also me trying to get a FREE standing ramp at Firhall Bridge for the benefit of all who find the steps a problem.
So there you have it just some of the things I think required.
Will I give up trying not likely. Says the man who wants things done for the good of all.