Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Harbour Street sewage problem as the brown stuff flows down the brae

Thanks to Joe Telfer for the picture below which shows the situation today at the top of Harbour Street. There has been a lot of talk recently about Nairn's sewage system and the need for investment, perhaps this is part of that problem or maybe there is some other reason. 

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Joe told the Gurn: 

"Place is stinking and cars are splashing and spreading along the pathway as well. I have emailed Scottish water. This drain has been doing this for years and I have complained about this before, it runs down to Brochers brae then into the roadside drain then into the river."

When Joe rang Scottish Water he said they told him that it had already been reported and was being investigated.

At around 13.40 a large amount of sewage was still on the road and being spread along Harbour Street by vehicles. 


Scootish Watar said...

'Move along, nothing to look at here, plenty of capacity in our water systems for another 115 properties at Lochloy'

Unknown said...

Why oh why do Scottish Water not admit there is a problem with Nairn’s sewers - why do the say you can build as many new houses as you want - and why do the Planners and our Councillors believe them?

Anonymous said...

The long term Shitting Forecast for Nairn is not looking good