Friday, January 19, 2018

Could play facilities in Nairn get the chop in Highland Council cuts?

Today Emma Cricthton reports in the Inverness Courier:

"CHILDREN could be locked out of almost 200 parks if Highland Council’s latest budget cuts go ahead. 

The local authority has suggested closing two thirds of play facilities in the region, leaving fewer than 100 in an area the size of Belgium. 

Senior councillors have said they can no longer afford to maintain old equipment and that some parks are unsafe so will need to be closed unless communities can take responsibility for them."

If these cuts get approval at the Highland Council budget meeting next month then Nairn would take its pro-rata share presumably and some bairns in town would be without their local play equipment. 

Until recently it was hoped to expand play areas in the town, there is an organisation dedicated to raise funding for that and their Facebook page is here.  It could be very sad indeed if we were to go backwards instead of forwards when it comes to play facilities for children. Surely our local councillors will vote against the measure. 

More details in today's edition of the Inverness Courier. 

Update: Murd Dunbar has posted a picture of the swings at Mill Road bereft of any seats or chains holding them. Away for repairs? Will there be any cash for that though?


Anonymous said...

Part of the roundabout seems to be missing as well, is this carry on all about insurance? Why are they penalising children?

Graisg said...

Murd is on the case anon, he is awaiting a reply from one of our councillors on why the swings are like they are just now.

Graisg said...

HI Anon, Murd tells us that all the remaining equipment seems to be there and intact.


No update from our councilors so sent the following to Freedom of information along with picture of missing swings . Will keep you informed when receive explanation

As you can see the swings at the river side Nairn have been removed.
I have asked my local councilor what was the reason but they can not explain the reason for the removal or if they will be replaced?
Can you supply me with the answer as to why they were removed or will they be replaced?