Friday, December 17, 2010

ASDA tries to block Inverness New Town

We're going slightly off topic here (towards Inverness in fact).
The music stops for a moment and we get to see how the game is progressing. Do ASDA feel that they've unfairly been knocked off their chair this time round?
Planning Resource reports:

"Asda has applied to Scotland’s Court of Session for a judicial review of Highland Council’s decision to grant permission for the scheme in September.

Asda, which has permission to build a new store near to the proposed new town, says that permission was wrongly granted because a consultation on the council’s local plan had not been completed."
It's hard to the untrained eye to understand why a ASDA would not want an new town full of new customers built next door to one of its supermarkets but as the Sainsbury's public inquiry demonstrated in Nairn these issues can become incredibly complicated as supermarkets position themselves in the planning process. This time ASDA seem to be throwing the local plan and consultation into the Court of Session melting pot.

More details here, also an article now on the Press and Journal.

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