Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Town Council for Nairn - more evidence of public support

The Gurn has mentioned before the ongoing consultation about Community Council boundaries in Nairn. Up to now this 'consulatation' has been remarkedly low key and the people of Nairn have not had a proper opportunity to express their views. Even given the low profile however, 26 people made responses to the Highland Council review office (in Wick). Here's the results received by the Gurn from the Council yesterday. :

"Regarding your query, there were 26 responses received in relation to Nairn boundary matters during the second phase of consultation. Of these, 24 were in favour and 2 against the idea of a single Community Council for Nairn."

This Consultation has had a profile lower than low up to now but in spite of that 26 individuals went out of their way to make their views known.
This ties in with other evidence of how the population feels: see the Gurn side-bar poll, support for a single Council has consistently been at over 90% for weeks and over 235 people have voted now. A recent straw-poll from a public meeting, reported in the Nairnshire showed similar massive backing as did a survey of 150 plus individuals by Suburban CC last year.
The will of the people of Nairn is quite apparent - the town wants a single Council!


Anonymous said...

What is the current population of Nairn Town.?

Graisg said...

and wouldn't it be nice if they could all be consulted? Perhaps with a ballot paper printed in the Nairnshire for everyone to hand in.
Two questions:
Do you wish a single Community Council for Nairn?
Are you in favour of the Status Quo?

Perhaps River,Suburban & West could set that up if the Highland Council doesn't want to do it?

Anonymous said...

Highland Council Statistics show Nairn as having three Community Councils at present.Nairn Suburban,
Nairn West,and Nairn River.
Nairn River were democratically elected by the people of that area.
Were the other two councils democratically elected,or how were they established.?

Graisg said...

You are missing the point here anon this is not about what the River or the other CC's are or want it is about what the people of Nairn want.

Anyway anon, River actually is now dominated by non-elected members. After the death of long-serving member Bill Murdoch and the resignation of Carol Clark there are more members who were unelected (co-opted)than elected. Elected members are outnumbered 5-3 on River.

The other CC members put themselves up for election but not enough candidates came forward - those two councils also have co-opted members like River. In fact I believe the 2009 River election was the first proper election in River's history and prior to that they had the same problem of getting individuals to put themselves forward.

A single Council (call it the Royal Burgh of Nairn Community Council if you like) would also have to be elected if enough people came forward but there are plenty of people out there who would probably find it easier to get involved were a single council established.

Do you support a poll/survey of all the voters in Nairn Anon?

Anonymous said...

No,I think it is you that is missing the point.Just take a long hard look
at Nairn,and the way it is being portrayed,by some.To be honest I find it a bit of an insult to Nairn in general.

Graisg said...

Ok Anon, we'll agree to differ but I'm willing to put £20 on with you that any properly conducted survey/vote would give a result of over 90% in favour.

You do raise some interesting points on elected and non-elected members however and if one looks back just a few years you can remember the days when Nairn District and Highland Region councillors were returned unopposed - perhaps there is a sort of a parallel there.

If you want to further expand your case then please feel free to submit an article to the Gurn.

Anonymous said...

I think we should leave the back door open for a time,then see what transpires on the Merry Go Round.

Nairnac said...

Am I missing the point here ?
I was all in favour of the Status Quo.
I was devastated when the gig at the Carse was cancelled.