Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Sandown matters - compulsive holiday reading!

There can be few people that know more about the Sandown lands story/fiasco than the bonnie fechters of the Nairn Residents Concern Group. Perhaps the Public Inquiry Reporter might have surpassed their knowledge and grasp of it all during his deliberations but his knowledge of the situation will no doubt have faded somewhat by now. It is instructive then to read a copy of a letter that they sent to all 80 Highland Councillors prior to the discussion of Sandown at Glenurquhart Road on Thursday. The meeting in fact rubber stamped a recommendation by the officials to create a new development brief for Sandown but with a wee bittie more consultation of the population this time round the course.

The letter is a little long but recommended reading for all those that have shown a strong interest in all things Sandown up to now. Questions are being asked of Highland Council’s administration of the Sandown Lands on our behalf and also of the intention to put it on the market again. Get yourself a dram, or a cuppa and have a wee browse Gurnites and see what you think.

Serious students of Sandown matters may also be interested to know that the following questions have been submitted to Highland Council by the NRCG under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI):

1. In relation to the resiling of the Missives between THC and Deveron, associated with the development of Sandown Lands, did THC take action to recover lost costs i.e the £344.4k for the failure by Deveron to complete the contract? If not why not?

2. In relation to the costs incurred by THC for 'professional fees' of £344.4k. Please provide a detailed breakdown of this cost, essentially showing the costs for 'estate agents fees'

relating to the sale of the land, and every other individual set of 'professional costs' as they relate to the sale of Sandown?

3. In relation to the costs incurred by THC relating to 'the buy out of tenant farmer rights' of £390k. Again please provide a detailed breakdown of this cost, essentially showing the costs for 'legal fees' relating to this matter, and every other individual set of 'professional costs' associated with this event?.

4. In both matters if there are additional costs that are being 'written off' by THC please also provide a breakdown of these also.

5. Now that the Missives have been resiled, details of the financial amount offered by the developer for Sandown Lands no longer requires to be restricted, because the sale of the land will now be conducted under completely new conditions and in a different financial climate. Accordingly therefore, please provide the figure for the amount that was offered for Sandown Lands by Deveron in their missives of 17 Jan 07 and 7 Aug 07.