Wednesday, December 08, 2010

On-line weekly shop - finally done it!

Prisoners of the Co-op no more! Mrs Gurnmeister has taken delivery of the weekly shop from a very nice and helpful ASDA lady. Lots of items you just can't get in Nairn - it was like being reunited with a busload of old friends. Went like a dream - good value and only £3.50 for the delivery. Co-op say goodbye to the larger part of the cash we have been handing over every week.


Greg said...

We've been using Asda for the online shop for a few months now, as the Coop simply isn't big enough and we've developed a strong dislike for Tesco. In that time they've made a number of inappropriate substitutions for out of stock products, demolished our garden fence with one of their vans, and then last week cancelled our delivery due to the bad weather but didn't tell us until we'd waited at home for 3 hours for it ! But we're still using them, why ? Because as you said, you get a fantastic range of products without having to get in the car.

Brass Monkey said...

a great short term solution until the new Sainsbury store is built. On which note - are the current ground works on site an official start to the construction or preliminary excavations does anybody know? I have seen situations before where they go dig about a bit to keep planning permissions.