Saturday, December 18, 2010

NICE ideas - David Brown's views

David Brown has posted his thoughts on NICE's public meeting on Monday night, here's what he said on the NICE site:
Hello NICE people,
I attended your meeting on Monday last – well done on the amount of work put in in such a short time. A bit too much emphasis on the trunk road issues and a little less on attracting people to Nairn. Without proper attractions the “aspirations” may come to nothing. “Iconic” structures and pleasant approaches are great once people are in the town but what is going to get them here ? I have a few ideas you may want to think about and some thoughts on how to raise the pennies necessary. First I’ll locate your E-mail to forward some letters recently sent to our elected members, most of which fell on both deaf and closed ears.
Chat with you soon.
Have you got any NICE ideas for Nairn Town Centre? NICE want to hear from you.