Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Orange Bar

Thanks to Tommy for this pic of the late evening sun over the Old Bar earlier this week.


Lord Lichfield said...

It would be nice to see more photos off the Harbour and Beach and surrounding areas with the weather changing all year round and the different colours off the sky in diifferent stages well done the photoghrapher

Willdoo said...

Aye, rite enuf Mi Lud,will try and do better.

PS- You should ask the mannie and wiffie fae the Gurn too.They are well
up tae it.

Graisg said...

Head along to m'lord and do a search for Nairn Beach, you will not be disappointed!

Lord Lichfield The Photoghrapher for the Nairn Times said...

Thank You Master Graisg for the advice its mutch appreciated Lord Lichfield