Monday, December 13, 2010

NICE gets public mandate

Members of the public chatting to NICE steering group members after the meeting (picture will enlarge)

Seasoned observers of Nairn public/protest meetings will know that a crowd of 75 is pretty high up the Richter scale as far as these historical community events are measured, especially on a cold December night. NICE already had the backing of the town’s three Community Council’s, the Association of Nairn Businesses and Visit Nairn but after this evening's meeting in the Community Centre they now have the authenticity of ‘the people’ behind them. NICE now has street-cred and momentum – Highland Council would do well to listen to what the Nairn public wish for their town centre.

If you couldn't make it tonight then never mind the Gurn has obtained a copy of the presentation made by Jimmy Ferguson, Iain Bruce, Matthew Hilton, Mike Barnett. Rosemary Young was MC for the evening with Brian Stewart summing up.

Here's the NICE presentation in a googledoc format.

More soon - including the mannie who stole the show


Seafield said...

Congratulations on a great set of informative and easy to follow slides - well produced to keep audience interest.

Anonymous said...

So how about the Council gifting their Town Centre land to the Common Good Fund to make up the deficit and then we can take them out of the development loop and decide how we want the Town to grow?