Tuesday, December 14, 2010

“Disappointing Sandown”

Sandown obviously makes the front page of the Nairnshire and Iain Bain has comment from some of the main players: it is interesting to see that Sandy Park seems to be upset with comments from the recent press release by Nairn Residents’ Concern Group. He is quoted by the Nairnshire:

“A multi-million pound development is lost to Nairn. You can’t call that a Christmas present!”

It certainly has been a roller-coaster ride for Sandy – from the heady days of 2007 when a smiling Convener was pictured with Deveron MD Gordon Ramsay at Sandown having just completed the deal (image reproduced in the Nairnshire too), to last year when he fronted the public inquiry ‘home’ team against the Council’s very own preferred bidder, and now fast-forward to today, as the fall out from Sandown comes to rest alongside that of the town centre debacle – Sandown and the town centre have been inextricably linked in Highland Council’s failed policy.

Iain Bain goes further into the Sandown issue with another excellent perceptive editorial (worth the 40p investment for this alone) in which he looks back on the whole sorry affair and finishes with a practical solution for the Council – they will, after all, surely have to do something to get a bit of cash into the Common Good Fund which has fallen into debt on their watch?