Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Nairn is Nairn! Keep it that way!"

A Nice evening - continued:
Perhaps Andrew Bex-Brown (91 years of age) went a little off topic but the former Edinburgh Councillor’s comments drew tremendous applause as he made the most memorable comments of the evening during the Q&A session. (See the post below for details of the meeting and a link to a copy of the NICE presentation). Here’s some of his words:

"Nairn is Nairn, it is not Inverness, it has got nothing to do with Inverness. It does not need Inverness to stand on its own right.

There will be attempts to concrete over all the good arable land between Inverness and Nairn. If you’ve got any sense at all – stop it!

We’ve got good arable land, we need to keep it and we need space to breathe and you won’t have any if Inverness gets its way.

Nairn is Nairn! Keep it that way!”

More from the meeting soon


I was there said...

Well said, Mr Bex-Brown, it's time for the people of Nairn to stand up and say "Nairn is Nairn!".

Lord Ealan Donan MacRath said...

Lord Ealan Donan MacRath Says please keep Nairn a Royal Burgh if we join up with Inverness we will never have one again i ask the people off Nairn please give us your support its your choice either you support it or you dont