Saturday, December 11, 2010

Deveron pull out "Best Christmas present for Nairn" say NRCG

John Hart of Nairn Residents Concern Group sent the Gurn their latest press release entitled "Best Christmas present for Nairn":

"After the victory for commonsense, when on the 14 May 2010 the Reporter decided to uphold the Council’s decision not to grant planning permission on a number of grounds, including: that the proposal did not comply with the Development Plan; the scale of development applied for would be excessive for the location and constitute overdevelopment; and that the likely effect on the character and appearance of the area of the density of development, building heights, reduced structural landscaping etc would be adverse; it would seem that Deveron have equally come to a commonsense decision and pulled out one year earlier than the 5 year contract window."

See more below for more details of Deveron homes request to Highland Council to allow them to pull out of their Sandown agreement.

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