Thursday, December 09, 2010

Nairn South looking nice?

(No pun intended). Gurnites will probably have read the Nairnshire report about the new/alternative proposal for housing at Balblair. The River CC folk distributed copies of a glossy brochure containing details of the plan the document entitled ‘Balblair , Nairn, Community Council Presentation 25th November 2010’. A very professional document containing details for 290 houses with a bridge over the railway to allow children to get to the Academy and presumably an opportunity for residents in the Western suburbs to go the other way too – perhaps to the river walks via Firhall? There’s lots of green bitties and new woodland including a shelter belt separating houses from the railway.

Lots of trees and big gardens by the look of it in a ‘holistic and pragmatic approach’. There will be a neighbourhood centre with community facilities and small business space. What wins full marks from this observer however, is provision for what looks like 30-40 allotment spaces and a football pitch. ‘Come on Souuuuuuuuth Nirrrrnn FC?’ This is only one alternative piece for the jig-saw that will become the inevitable development in South Nairn (Fàilte gu Inbhir Narann a deas - for the bilingual signs?) but perhaps one day we could even see Firhall City playing Nairn County in a Highland league derby?

What a pity a similar lower density plan wasn’t put forward for Sandown.