Wednesday, May 18, 2011

9 cygnets this year

First three pictures above will enlarge. Full screen slideshow here. Individual pictures here.


ugly duckling said...

Do the swans on the river Nairn still belong to the queen?

Graisg said...

I think so, but have only got wikipedia to back that up:

"Today, the Crown (the British monarch) retains the right to ownership of all unmarked mute swans in open water, but the Queen only exercises her ownership on certain stretches of the Thames and its surrounding tributaries."

ugly duckling said...

ooh thanks for that Graisg, I did think that ownership had perhaps past on.

Maybe the Gurn should send the queen a link to the photos as I believe she now has an iPad on which one could view them

Anonymous said...

Stunning pictures. Hope they all survive.