Sunday, May 01, 2011

Former Inverness Provost backs Fergus


The former Provost of Inverness, Bill Smith, has given his backing to Fergus Ewing as the SNP candidate for Inverness & Nairn, and Alex Salmond for First Minister of Scotland as well as for the continuation of the SNP as the Government of Scotland.
Bill Smith was an Independent councillor for 23 years and also served for eight years as Provost of Inverness (1999-2007)."

So reports a twitterfeed from an SNP facebook page. It does look as though Fergus is home and dry now with the bookies taking that view too. No doubt the other parties in this constituency will be putting a brave face on it but surely now they will be concentrating on getting their supporters to turn out for the second vote? And as for that second vote - will the Greens beat the LibDems in the Highlands to claim the final seat on the list? It could be close.

The Gurn fun poll will close before the election itself, 397 votes there at the moment of writing this post and the SNP have been consistent around 50%. The LibDems and Greens are almost level too on our poll. What a pity we have to wait until Friday for the count here in the Highlands to find up how the real thing stacks up.

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