Friday, May 06, 2011

Congratulations to Highland SNP candidates

That's the Highlands and Islands list just announced. Another 3 SNP members from the list.

Congratulations to Fergus Ewing, David Thomson, Rob Gibson, John Finnie, Jean Urquhart, Mike MacKenzie. 'S math a rinn sibh!

That's the Highlands a LibDem free zone as far as Holyrood goes then!


Rose tinted said...

Not a Green to be seen, has the party now run out of energy?

Anonymous said...

Herald Scotland says

As the country heads into the bleakest financial period since the second world war, and the Holyrood budget shrinks around 4% a year, the First Minister has little to shield him from the backlash the coming cuts will inevitably bring.

The sort of excuses used in the last four years - that his was only a minority adminstration, that he was frustrated by his Unionist opponents - are no longer available to him. With overall control comes overall responsibility.

Lorraine Mann in the Inverness Courier

The difficulty is that the main political parties are now all so similar. He who pays the piper calls the tune and all political parties are increasingly beholden to big business to fund their expensive election campaigns. Add to that the influence of the media barons - big business again - and there is no way a party that doesn't base almost all of its policy on the predilections of a wealthy elite is going to win.

And so it seems, the SNP is the least of four evils. At least they have a valid and viable energy policy.

But it's with a heavy heart I'll vote for them on Thursday.

Graisg said...

The Greens increased their vote slightly but still failed to get a seat in the Highlands.

Perhaps they hadn't done anything in places like Nairn over the past 4 years?
Perhaps they're just too nice and need to tell it a bit more like it is?
Perhaps Scottish Green Partyism is just a city thing now?
Perhaps they need some new candidates?