Saturday, May 21, 2011

Windy Monday warning

One of the regular gurnites who subscribes to Met office alerts has received the following:

"Amber Alert of Wind for Highlands & Eilean Siar : Highland & Eilean Siar valid from 0900 Mon 23 May to 0300 Tue 24 May"


Ealan-Donan- MacRath said...

As Jimi Hendrix said in one of his songs. Listen to the wind?. It makes you wonder.

growtosow said...

not long back from the plot and a fair breeze down their. lots sand blowing about.

anemophobe said...

The recent gale force winds led to news headlines about power-cuts in and around Inverness and elsewhere in Scotland.

Which set me thinking, in this region of ever-more numerous windfarms. Back in the fierce grip of sub-zero winter with deep snow on the ground, frost on the trees and a massive increase in demand for power for heating, did the wind turbines deliver? Not a lot: the blades hung motionless in the still and freezing air.

Then this week: howling winds, so no doubt the turbines were spinning flat out and the windfarms were generating immense quantities of electricity. And what happened? What an irony: in the heart of windfarm country, thousands of households, shops and factories across the region suddenly found they were getting no power at all.

O brave new natural, renewable world!