Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Traffic warden now active in Nairn

Example of extreme bad parking from around this time last year which would now get you a ticket from Nairn's seasonal traffic warden.

At tonight's (Tuesday's) meeting of Nairn Suburban Community Council at Nairn Academy Sgt Olga Hansen gave her police report and stated that a seasonal traffic warden was now working in Nairn. Our traffic warden will be working until the end of September and she is full time.
Cllr Graham Marsden highlighted the softly-softly approach from the former warden Sandy Ford and the way that he worked by consensus rather than threat.
Olga told him that the warden would have a job to do and if the police were getting complaints they would have to take action. She added, however, that there would be a period of grace where advice and warnings would be given until folk become aware that there is a traffic warden back in the town.
Over on Green Dad's blog you can see an example of one of the warning notices that have already been issued.

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Anonymous said...

Pity one wasn't around last Friday as I walked home from work at Balmakeith along ********* *******. A motorist pulled up and parked in such a way upon the path that any pedestrian had to walk into the road to get past her car. Which I had to do - perhaps I should have just proceeded to walk over the offending car?
It was the dumb look of incomprehension on the residents face when I pointed out the fact that roads are for cars and pavements are for pedestrians that said it all.