Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Highland Libraries web pages less user-friendly?

One of the regular gurnites has complained that the new Highland Council Libraries pages are now a lot more cluttered and user unfriendly compared with the old style. This observer has to admit that there are certainly a plethora of links to click on. Is it necessary to have all sorts of other council information on pages dedicated to libraries? Another complaint from our regular reader is that you can only renew one book at a time once you eventually find your way there. Has the Highland Council library internet service taken a step backward and created a digital assualt course for someone simply wanting to renew a book ?

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Nairn said...

I found that my usual bookmark for my library account allowed me in fine, but then functions such as renew didn't work

An email to the library and I was sent this link

which appears to work (click on account top right corner)

I wonder as to when they were going to tell us about the new site, not as though they don't hold email addresses.

Perhaps this is a cynical move to get us all into the library and make use of staff by having a poorly functioning web page?

Old system worked more or less fine, so at economic times like these why spend precious resources renewing it?