Monday, May 23, 2011

Allotment anti-slug device

Picture by John Henderson - this image will enlarge.


Anonymous said...

give him a kiss he might turn into a handsome prince!! Personally I like him the way he is .

Greetings from The Big Apple said...

My Nairn cousin is a very handsome
frog as good looks run in my family with best wishes from the USA lots of love from Kermit oh nearly forgot my darling Miss Piggy sends her regards & we are
both going to hop over to Bonnie Scotland for a romantic holiday
so will spend a few days in Nairn
& hope to visit the plot & might bump into to Growtosow to get some gardening tips, dont think i will bring my blond haired girlfriend to the site as I hear the green fingered wizard is devilishly handsome & you know whats she is like cant keep her hands off & wants a Kissy Kissy all the time & I would not like the poor man to be distracted from his horticultural skills.

growtosow said...

hope he gets free bed and breakfast, nice shot john look forward to seeing some more of your photos.