Thursday, May 12, 2011

Traffic stacking on the King Sreet "mini" roundabout

On Wednesday night at the River CC Andrew Purkis (former Community Councillor) raised the subject of traffic stacking on the roundabout during busy periods and thus preventing access from the Fishertown and Marine Road to the A96. Graham Marsden explained that he had tried without success in the past to try and get something done about this such as hatching and a sign telling drivers not to enter the roundabout unless their exit was clear but BEAR were not interested in doing anything. "They're just autonomous, they just ignore us," he said. Over to you Fergus?

Earlier this evening the Gurn popped down for a quick picture but things were unusually quiet and very little traffic was heading in an easterly direction. Perhaps it was stacking up somewhere else further back along the A96 somewhere.

One didn't have to go far to find an example of similar behaviour however. Here you can see a motorist waiting to turn into Gordon Street but is unable to do so because of someone content to block their way as they wait for the lights to change further along the A96. This observer also saw drivers unable to exit the library car park when their turn came with a green light as other drivers were parking directly in front of the exit there too.

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Anonymous said...

Traffic lights at the Regal were out of order at 3pm today as temporary lights were in operation. Total chaos as schools were coming out at 3pm & young children etc were trying to cross A96 etc. Huge build up on Leopold St as A96 traffic were blocking their exit! Sign of things to come?