Friday, May 06, 2011

Still a few hours to wait for the local result

The count starts for the Highland seats at 10.00 a.m up in Dingwall. How big will the SNP landslide be here? Fergus with 50-60% of the vote perhaps? And just how far down will the LibDems go? At this moment (06.51) the BBC are reporting three of the eight regional lists declared and the LibDem share of the vote down to 3.5% with no list wins. Could they fail to get a list seat in the Highlands? Will the Greens get anything? So far they've only managed one member on the lists - will Eleanor Scott make it here?

Interesting times.


Anonymous said...

d'Hondt formula is used to calc allocation of regional seats and number of consitituency seats already won may count against lib dems and SNP. ? a green seat this time?

Brian @ said...

Interesting to see the SNP got 50% more of the Regions vote than Labour, but Labour get 50% more seats than the SNP!