Monday, May 02, 2011

MacLean Court long grass

McLean Court grass is in dire need of a good cut (pictures will enlarge). Come on Highland Council get it sorted! Don't let Nairn's appearance slide this summer.

UPDATE: this in from Liz

" I spoke to housing and TEC's a few weeks ago about the grass cutting at McLean Court and Queenspark Gardens.

It has not been transferred over through the grass cutting tender and it is up to housing to get in a contractor to do this work. It also affects around 20 elderly or disabled folk who depend on the garden scheme to keep their grass cut. This means it'll be late starting. Housing were not aware of this oversight until I raised it with them.

TEC's are still responsible for doing the borders at Queenspark and McLean Court. I think as the contract pans out more areas will come to light that have been overlooked. I've heard the contractor made a good start in Nairn, but in Inverness and B&S there have been problems and the staff have been transfered to deal with these areas."

Liz added that with the new contracts set at a lower standard of fewer cuts than the previous method used by the council then she was worried that standards wouldn't just drop but they could "plummet".


Greg said...

Well, the contractors were round our street a few weeks ago with a ride on mower and two blokes with strimmers, and did a much more thorough job than the council mannie who charged through on his ride-on lawnmower in 2 minutes flat ! The council mannie was certainly quicker but maybe no the best !

Graisg said...

Came across them on the walk from Firhall to Howford. Two guys strimming either side of the path at a fast pace and one behind blowing the cut grass and vegetation off the path - never seen that before!.