Wednesday, May 04, 2011

SNP hold Gurnshire with over 50% of the vote!

The digital polling both closed last night and as the returning officer for the cyber-constituency of Gurnshire I can reveal that 419 votes were cast and the SNP have it in the bag. The full results were as follows:

SNP 51% 216

Lab 17% 72

Con 11% 49

LibDem 7% 30

Green 6% 29

UKIP 4% 18

Other 0% 4

None of the above 0% 1

That was the fun poll, the real thing starts in less than 24 hours. Interesting times indeed!


Anonymous said...

Ah... but was it one peson
one vote!!

Anonymous said...

I suppose people would vote more than once on an online poll.
Please don't encourage these politicians, they might think we are interested.