Friday, May 13, 2011

County faithful on the buses - the timetable for tomorrow Saturday 14th

Here's the information from Colin:

"We are meeting at the Star (Back door) stables at 11am for pre travel food and drink and to pay the remaninder of bus money. Total cost per Adult is £10 kids (Under 18) £7. Food is provided free. Departing 12 noon sharp. A raffle will be done before we leave, prizes will be drink (Kids winning will get £10) We are travelling with Maynes of Buckie and both buses have a toilet. We should arrive at the Castle Inn about 1:30pm where food again free will be provided in the Lounge bar. After the match we will be meeting at the Castle Inn again where we will depart at 7pm. If you are not at the castle at 7pm we will leave without you.

Please pass this information to anyone you know because not all are on this list. Please also note that these 2 buses are completely full and no one turning up on the day will be accepted."

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