Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday night limo

Larger picture available here.


Maj said...

One was dismayed to learn that despite the heroic efforts by one's chauffeur James, you were delayed in traffic in my Burgh of Nairn, and were unable to attend our event. It must have been a horrible anus for one

I can only say that you missed a great number of common people, one had to wash one's hands several times. Luckily I had Phillips teeth glued together whilst he was asleep so he was unable to make any of his usual outspoken comments

The so called happy couple have buggered orf now, so I can go back to the beloved corgis


nosey parker said...

Was this at Nairns Royal Wedding?
& who is the stunning bride?

Graisg said...

heard this was a charity fund raising night out with a specific theme, more details later when we receive them at Gurn HQ.